How do foreigners who come to China apply for long-term foreigner visas?

The nationality of the parent depends on the nationality of the applicant’s birth certificate. The documents required by this article shall be able to prove the nationality of the applicant's parents at that time; if one of the parents or one of the parents is Chinese, a copy of the then Chinese passport should be provided. If a foreigner who has lived for a long time and has signed a Q1 visa applies for a group residence permit, how do foreigners go to China to apply for a long-term visitor visa? Now, Gullang InternationalXiaobian will introduce it to you.
What materials are required for foreigners to visit relatives:
1. Original and photocopy of valid international travel documents;
2. Fill out the “Foreigner Visa Application Form” (duplex printing) and submit the latest 2-inch half-length headless photo;
3. Provide a written application from the respondent (the application requires the person to write it himself, if it is not Chinese, it needs to be translated);
4. Original and photocopy of the relationship with the defendant's family.
Family members include spouse, parents, spouse parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandparents, grandchildren, grandchildren, spouse children; if the applicant is under the age of 18, a copy of the applicant’s original birth certificate must be issued and must be provided A copy of the foreign parent's passport homepage. If both parents or one of the parents is Chinese, you must provide a Chinese passport homepage and proof of overseas settlement.
Applying for a visa for foreigners to visit relatives According to the respondent's situation, the following documents are provided:
1. To access mainland Chinese residents, a copy of the local hukou and visitor ID must be provided; if the visitor is a foreign hukou, in addition to the original account and a copy of the original ID card, the actual place of residence must be provided.
2. To visit an overseas Chinese, you must provide a copy of the Chinese passport of the respondent in China, a copy of the foreign settlement certificate (original inspection) and a permanent residence permit for more than 6 months;
3. To access Hong Kong and Macau residents, you must provide
4. To visit Taiwan compatriots, you must provide a copy of the "Taiwan Pass to the Mainland Pass" or the "People's Republic of China Travel Permit" (the original) and the permanent residence certificate for more than 6 months in China;
5. Foreigners who have a "Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners" in China must also provide a copy of the passport of the visitee and a copy of the Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners (original);
The above content introduces foreigners coming to China to apply for visas for visiting relatives. If you want to know more about visas for foreigners, please pay attention to Gulang International.

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