Where do I find job vacancies in China?




The website with the most jobs is 51jobs.com. That's China's biggest job website. If you can read and write Chinese, then this is your best bet for finding a job anywhere in China.
51Job also has an English language version: 51job English
These days the big foreign job boards like Glassdoor, Jobs77 & Indeed also have a lot of job openings in China for foreigners and English speakers. Glassdoor China Jobs or Jobs77 China Jobs
If you're looking for an English teaching job in China, by far the best website is Dave's ESL Cafe. This website has lots of new teaching jobs in China on a daily basis in many different Chinese cities. This is the dedicated job board for China Teaching Jobs: ESL Cafe China Jobs
Some good local job boards of English websites are:
Smart Shanghai China Jobs
eCHinaCities Jobs
The Beijing Job Board

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