China's E-Commerce Giants Performance Comparison During "Double 11"

The double 11 in 2018 is fabulous, and major e-commerce companies have used their own slogan to attract consumers.
Jingdong will create “Double 11” as “Global Good Things Festival”, and use “good things + fun + good service” to detonate high-quality consumption; Vipshop will adopt “no routine” method, “price” bid farewell to digital games; Tmall will Continue to use "vouchers", "red envelopes", "deposits", "subsidies" and "shopping vouchers" and other "policies" to complete the reduction.
Which e-commerce platform is more able to impress consumers, with the end of the double 11, micro-hotspot ( - socialized big data tools, give you the answer.Tmall No.1 leads other e-commerce platforms
According to statistics from micro-hotspots (, from 0:00 to 4:00 on November 11, the Tmall platform's heat index was as high as 96.45 , ranking first in the e-commerce platform, while Taobao and Jingdong were close behind, ranking first. Two or three. On the same day, the total amount of information on "Tmall Double 11" exceeded 5.8 million , while the total information of "Jingdong Double 11" was only 138,200.

On the day of the double 11th, the public opinion focused more on "Tmall", and the related topics generated #双11交易额#,#2 minutes 05 seconds broke 10 billion#, #马云双11寄语#, etc. Hot search.
According to the statistics of e-commerce platforms, Netease koalas sold 2.4 times in the same period from 0:00 to 4:00 on the 11th; during the Jingdong double 11 period (from November 1st to November 11th at 24 o'clock), the accumulated order amounted to 159.8 billion. yuan, an increase of 25.73% in 2017; Lynx when at 0:00 on the 11th -24 transaction amounted to 2135 Yi yuan, an increase of 26.93% in 2017.
Obviously, according to the current transaction volume, Tmall’s 213.5 billion yuan is an astronomical figure, far exceeding other platforms. And @人民日报@中国日报@新闻晨报@头条新闻@环球资讯广播@新浪新闻@新浪科技, as the opinion leader of Weibo communication, also reported on Tmall’s billion, billion, and billion transactions.

In addition, among the proportions of users paying attention to “Tmall Double 11”, women accounted for more than 80% of the total, which is 4 times higher than that of men. This also explains to some extent that the female group is more concerned about the marketing of “Double 11” on the Internet. In comparison, men are inferior.

The double 11, Yi Qian Qian Qian as the spokesperson of the tenth anniversary of Tmall, the influence can not be underestimated, the interaction and forwarding of "Thousands of Paper Cranes" play a significant role in Weibo communication. Among them, @助攻军_怼玺组@烊烊天天好心情@易烊千玺后援会网投组, and other "micro-paper cranes" microblogs are frequently forwarded by everyone, becoming the hot forwarding of the double 11 day.

Therefore, from the aspects of heat analysis, full-line volume, media reports, transaction quotas, etc., the Double 11 is still the home of the Tmall platform.Glory "lie to win" mobile champion
During the double 11 period this year, glory mobile phone once again won the China mobile phone sales champion, this is the third time for the glory mobile phone to reach the summit. At 1:57 on the 12th, @荣耀手机发官博 announced this good news: "As of 24:00 on November 11th, glory won the Tmall platform mobile phone brand sales, mobile phone brand official flagship store sales & sales three crowns Wang; in the Jingdong platform, the sales and sales of mobile phones on November 11 and the cumulative sales of 11.1 to 11.11 mobile phones and the cumulative sales of Android mobile phones are four crowns! And the sales of Tmall platform brands and the sales and sales of Jingdong platform surpass Apple! ”
2016 Double 11, glory mobile phone won the dual platform (Jingdong + Tmall) Android mobile phone sales champion, first on the Internet mobile phone first brand throne; 2017 double 11, glory mobile phone in the dual platform (Jingdong + Tmall) total sales The amount reached 4.02 billion yuan, which once again won the double 11 China mobile phone brand champion, and in 2018, the glory mobile triple crown became the king of the well-deserved mobile phone.
According to the statistics of micro hotspots ( , from 0:00 to 4:00 on the 11th, among the hot-selling mobile phone brands, the total volume of glory mobile phones is 490,000 , and the number of ultra-Apple mobile phones is nearly 50,000, ranking first in the brand. It seems that public opinion pays more attention to "glory."

Among the glory series, the new glory Magic2 heat index is 11.33, ranking first among all glory products, followed by glory 8X and glory note10.

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