100 Most Difficult to Read Places in China

Place names are one of the essence elements of history. Chinese place names reflect the national integration in Chinese history, the changes in the political districts of the territory, and the concept of traditional culture. They are an important part of Chinese history and culture. The 100 most easily mistaken Chinese place names, after reading it, will definitely make you feel guilty: reading a million books is not as good as a thousand miles!

1. Lishui of Zhejiang Lishui, read lí, do not read lì.
2. Taizhou, Tiantai, Zhejiang, read tāi, do not read tái.
3. The shackles of Zhangzhou, Zhejiang, read shèng.
4. Hey, the county of Zhejiang, read yín, do not read jín.
5. Zhejiang Yueqing music, read yuè, do not read lè.
6. The cum of Zhuji, Zhejiang, read jì.
7. Anhui Province, the county's 歙, multi-phonetic, read shè, do not read xī.
8. Liu of Anhui Lu'an, read lù, do not read lìu. Jiangsu Liuhe also read lù, the remnant of dialect pronunciation, the Jianghuai dialect is the same as the ancient language. From this, we can see why the six characters are land.
9. The embarrassment of Anhui Luzhou, read bó, do not read háo.
10. Anhui Fuyang's 枞, multi-phonetic, read zōng, do not read cōng, 枞 (cōng) that is fir.

11. The embarrassment of Anhui Province, read yī. Huangshan was called Lushan.
12. The hustle and bustle of Anhui Tunxi, read suī.
13. Anhui's pronunciation is bèngbù, do not read bàngfù.
14. The embarrassment of Anhui Lushan, read dàng, do not read Yáng or dāng.
15. Jiangsu can't read yú tái according to the principle of reading half of the word, the correct pronunciation is xū yí. Clam lobsters let people know what to do.
16. Lijiang, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou is called the Gully, and the Lijiang River is now a district of Yangzhou City. Hey, the pronunciation is hán.
17. The hustle and bustle of Zhangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the pronunciation is pī.
18. Jiangsu Zhizhi, Zhejiang Yi, 甪, pronounced lù.
19. The sounds and meanings of the general words of Jiangsu flooding are the same as "pan", read fàn. Note: There is a drowning in Henan, and the pronunciation is sì.
20. The surname of Suining in Jiangsu Province, the pronunciation is suī.

21. The sputum of Jiangsu 栟 tea, read bēn; 栟 palm is a palm tree, 栟 栟 栟 。 。 。 。.
22. The shackles of Jiangsu Shushuguan, read xǔ, do not read hǔ.
23. The shackles of Shanghai Xinzhuang, read xīn, do not read shēn. The sputum of Shandong Yixian County, read shēn, do not read xīn. 莘莘学子.
24. Ting of Changting, Fujian, read tīnɡ, do not read dīng.
25. Heilongjiang Muling's edge, multi-tone, should read líng, do not read léng.
26. The jealousy of Jilin Hunchun, read hún.
27. The birch of Huadian in Jilin, read huà.
28. Liaoning's new 阜, read fù, easy to misinterpret as “bù” and “fǔ”.
29. The shackles of Liaoning Huanren, read huán, do not read héng. Such as Qi Yu (huán) public.
30. The sputum of Xiuyan, Liaoning, read xiù. The famous northern jade capital, producing jade.

31. Yan Yan of Bayannaoer of Inner Mongolia should read yàn; 淖 should read nào, do not read lào. Wang Zengqi's novel "The Jubilee Chronicle".
32. The embarrassment of Qingkou County, Inner Mongolia, read dèng.
33. The cockroach of Jixian County, Tianjin, read jì, which is a kind of herb.
34. Wei, Yuxian, Hebei, multi-phonetic, read yù, do not read wèi. Xinjiang Yuli should also read yù lí.
35. Hehe of Hebei Wells, read xíng, do not read jing.
36. Hey, Hebei Province, read lǐ, do not read lí. In the Spring and Autumn Period, there is Fan Wei; today, Liquan in Shaanxi, the ancient is the spring, also read lǐ.
37. The hustle and bustle of Hebei Yucheng, read gǎo.
38. He is from Hebei Province, reading zhuō. Zhangzhou and the elk are all in Hebei.
39. Hebei Le Ting's music, read lào. Local pronunciation of 唐山. The hometown of Li Dazhao. But Shandong Leling sound le.
40. The big city of Hebei, read dài, do not read dà.

41. The embarrassment of Hebei Xinzhuang, read rǎn.
42. The hustle and bustle of Hebei, read hán.
43. The shackles of Jixian County, Shanxi Province, read as xí. 隰 refers to a low-lying and damp place.
44. The hole in Shanxi Hongdong, read tóng, do not read dòng. The famous singer in the traditional Peking Opera "Su Sanqi Jie": Su San is away from Hongdong County.
45. The sputum, drowning, and alcoholic sputum in Linyi, Shanxi Province, read fén, do not read fēn or fěn.
46. ​​The solution of Shanxi Jiechi, read xiè.
47. The shackles of Zhangzhou, Shanxi, read xīn.
48. The shackles of Jixian County, Shandong Province, read jǔ, do not read lǔ.
49. Shandong Yiping's embarrassment, read chí.
50. The shackles of Linyi, Shandong, read yí. Jiangsu Xinyi, Yimeng Mountain, and Lishui, also read yí. There are Linyi in the south of Shandong Province and Linyi in the north, which is easy to be confused. Many people in Shandong Province call it Linyi in the south.

51. The shackles of Linyi, Shandong, read qú.
52. The shackles of Shandong Yucheng, read tán.
53. Shandong’s innocent embarrassment, read dì.
54. The shackles of Zhangzhou, Shandong Province, read yǎn, do not read yǔn.
55. Shandong Zibo’s embarrassment, read zī. Luohe, in Shandong.
56. Shandong Dong A, read ē.
57. Shandong Qufu correct pronunciation qū fù. Qufu is named after the terrain. "Erya ex situ" cloud: "Gaoping Lulu, the mainland 曰阜". The Eastern Han Dynasty should pay attention to: "There is a shack in Lucheng, and the squad is seven or eight miles long, so it is a curse." Today, there is a remnant of the dynasty of the dynasty of the dynasty, namely the Tushan.
58. Shandong single county single and surname single homophonic shàn, can not read dān.
59. The hustle and bustle of Shandong Yucheng, the pronunciation is juān, do not read yān.
60. The sputum of Shandong Zhifu, pronounced fú.

61. Lead in Jiangxi lead mountain, read yán, do not read qiān. The special name of the place name.
62. The shackles of Jiangxi Wuyuan, read wù.
63. The shackles of Jiangxi Xiangyang, read yì.
64. The hustle and bustle of Hunan's Fuyang, read lěi.
65. The hustle and bustle of Chenzhou, Hunan, read chēn.
66. The hustle and bustle of Hunan, read mì.
67. The hustle and bustle of Lijiang, Hunan, read zhǐ.
68. The sputum of Hubei Huangpi has three pronunciations: bēi, pí and bō. The sputum of Huang Qi should be read as pí.
69. Hey, the county of Hubei, read yún.
70. The shackles of Hubei Zigui, read zǐ.

71. The supervisor of Hubei Jianli, read jiàn, do not read jiān.
72. The hustle and bustle of Hubei Yuting, read xiāo.
73. The hustle and bustle of Hubei Hunchun, read qí.
74. Hexian County, Henan Province, multi-phonetic, should read xùn, do not read jùn. When I read jùn, I mainly said that the dredge, the meaning of digging deep, as a verb; in the place name is pronounced xùn.
75. The hustle and bustle of Henan Yucheng, read zhè.
76. The martyrdom of Henan Wushu, read zhì, 陟 climbed high, promoted.
77. The secretion of Henan Biyang, read bì, do not read mì.
78. The monks of Dianchi, Henan, read mián; read shéng when the name of ancient water is drowning
79. He is in the hustle and bustle of Henan, read xíng, do not read yíng. The chanting of Sichuan chanting, the pronunciation is yíng, do not read xíng.
80. The shackles of Henan Changchun, read yuán.

81. The shackles of the Lieutenant of Henan, read mù, do not read móu.
82. Dongguan, Dongguan, Guangdong, read guǎn.
83. Fan of Guangdong Panyu, there are two pronunciations: fān and pān. Panyu should be read as: pān yú.
84. The shackles of Hunan’s pass, read gàng.
85. The embarrassment of Hainan County, read dān, do not read zhān or shàn.
86. The shackles of Jixian County, Sichuan, read pí.
87. The embarrassment of Jixian County, Sichuan, read gǒng.
88. Sichuan’s ambiguity, read qián, do not read jiān; yak’s reading jiān.
89. The pronunciation of Sichuan is qióng lái.
90. Sichuan Qilian’s embarrassment, read jūn, do not read yún.

91. The shackles of Sichuan Province, read làng.
92. Chongqing Fuling's 涪, read fú, Fuling mustard makes Fuling famous. Misunderstood as péi and fù.
93. Chongqing's Lijiang River, read qí.
94. Chongqing Beibei's embarrassment, read bèi.
95. The embarrassment of Yunnan Bohai, read měng.
96. The shackles of Fuyang, Shaanxi, read yuè, do not read lè.
97. The sputum of Shaanxi Lishui, read zhà.
98. Fort of Wubao, Shaanxi, read bǔ.
99. Xinjiang Bayin Guoyu's embarrassment, read léng, do not read lèng.
100. The shackles of Hunan’s rushing, should be chéng.

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