Shared Bicycle 'Graveyards' in China

From “solving the last mile” to “nowhere to put it”, the development of shared bicycles is fading away from the initial aura to a little bit of awkwardness. 
Wu Guoyong, a 55-year-old photographer, has been searching for a shared bicycle “cemetery” in the country since the beginning of 2018. More than 10,000 photos in 20 cities. Wu Guoyong feels that there is no place for the sharing of bicycles from the new life to the embarrassing situation, but also the epitome of today's society. Standing on the cusp of the times, more time to judge the situation, calmly analyze the correctness and necessity of various behaviors, is the ability that industry and individuals should have. 

Faced with the status quo of shared bicycles, experts said that enterprises involved in market competition must abandon the concept of sharing the economy as a tool for collecting money, and they must be able to obtain market recognition after they have done a good job.

Location: Xiamen Tongan-Tep Bio

"Cemetery" screen impacts public vision
Recently, a group of photographic works called “Nowhere to Place” became popular. For the first time, the public has concentrated on the scenes of abandoned shared bicycles that so many cities are facing.

In the picture, tens of thousands of shared bicycles are randomly placed in the open space of the city, up to several meters. The loneliness of abandoned bicycles and weeds is very different from the bustling city just a few tens of meters away. Some netizens feel that they have to commit intensive phobia. Others heard the buzzing sound of individual shared bicycle electronic locks in the video, saying that "the looming, intermittent, as if a sudden heartbeat."

This group of photographs was taken by Wu Guoyong, a 55-year-old freelance photographer. He used his semi-annual time to start from Shenzhen and searched 45 shared bicycle cemeteries in nearly 30 cities across the country. He took more than 10,000 photos and witnessed the bleak appearance behind the shared bicycle glamor.

Location: Wuhan Wuchang - Maojiaxiang

Sharing bicycles from the bustling
“Resolving the last mile of travel” is the loud slogan that was born when the shared bicycle was born. Since the first un-shared bicycles appeared in May 2015, the capital has been chasing each other, and the storm of sharing the economy has swept China. For a period of time, even some netizens joked that the gold-splitters who broke into the industry in the late stage were worried that there was no capital, but no color was available.

According to statistics, in just over two years, shared bicycles have been concentrated in more than 20 million vehicles in major cities in China, so that in many areas there has been a shortage of vehicles. Citizens are enjoying the convenience of sharing bicycles, and complaints about their disorder and bad car rate are also coming. Many citizens complained that the sharing of bicycles into the market has caused disasters, and that disruption has not only affected the city's appearance, but also blocked the pedestrian passages. From the original "convenience" to "disturbing the people." For the problems of shared bicycles, a large number of large and medium-sized cities, including Beishang Guangshen and Shenzhen, have also introduced mandatory management measures such as total control.

From the disorderly expansion to the use of time to test the quality, the shared bicycle "cemetery" appeared at this time.

Location: Jing'an, Kangding Road, Shanghai

Not only that, but the division within the industry has become more and more fierce. Since last year, small-scale shared bicycle companies such as Goku bicycles and 3Vbike have announced that they have stopped operations, and there are news reports from companies such as Machimachi bicycles. Subsequently, the small blue bicycles were shut down, and the phenomenon that multi-brand users suffered from hard deposits and other issues became a hot topic.

Good service to be recognized by the market 
In response to the embarrassing situation that shared bicycles are currently facing, Chen Yanyan, deputy dean of the School of Urban Transportation of Beijing University of Technology, said in an interview with Beiqing Daily that after 2015, a number of shared bicycle companies aiming at occupying the market in the short term entered the market. The core is capital driven rather than service. After experiencing high-speed expansion, due to the lack of post-operation and maintenance, the number of users has decreased, and funds cannot be returned. The appearance of bad cars and cemeteries can be expected.

Chen Yanyan said that green travel should be encouraged, but if the shared bicycle over-occupies public resources including roads and venues, it is also wise for the government to take control.
When talking about the future, Chen Yanyan believes that the relevant departments should continue to be good referees, and after experiencing a test, they should better enter and get two passes. “Industry supervision should complete the top-level design, and local governments should also formulate corresponding rules according to local characteristics. Only those vehicles that meet the requirements can enter the market. The responsibility is clearly defined to the enterprise. Once the vehicle damage rate is found to be too high, or it is harmful to the public interest. When the situation arises, the red card should be illuminated without mercy."

As for the enterprise, Chen Yanyan said that the relevant departments should urge the delisting enterprises to fulfill their relevant commitments and complete the work of refunding fees and clearing the vehicles. Enterprises that are still competing in the market must abandon the concept of sharing the economy as a tool for money-sharing, and they will be recognized by the market in order to obtain market recognition.

Location: Zhuhai - Xiaozhou Village, Guangzhou 

Location: Xi'an Xixian New District - Fuxing Avenue

Wu Guoyong: This is the mark of an era and cannot be forgotten.
Wu Guoyong, 55, lives in Shenzhen and is a freelance photographer. He told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that he had mainly photographed the subject matter related to urban propaganda, and it was the first time to shoot a shared bicycle cemetery.

Wu Guoyong said that in 2016 he registered as a shared bicycle user and felt that travel was very convenient. Later, in the community and the subway, I gradually discovered the phenomenon of bicycle damage and random accumulation. "At that time, I began to pay attention to this problem, but it was only scattered," Wu Guoyong said.

After the small blue bicycle announced the suspension of operations, in March this year, Wu Guoyong decided to shoot a small blue bicycle "cemetery" in Shenzhen. "When the drone flew up, I saw about 50,000 small blue bicycles piled up on the open space in the picture. The scene directly killed me." Wu Guoyong said, it was a very extreme way of presentation. . After this, Wu Guoyong gave birth to an idea, "I want to go to the shared bicycle cemetery across the country to find out, and show such 'terrible' to the public in the most authentic form."

Finding a goal like completing a puzzle
Since having this seemingly crazy idea, Wu Guoyong has begun to implement it. Initially, he wanted to go to the filming after he learned the specific "cemetery" position through the city management department or the shared bicycle company, but he repeatedly hit the wall.

In the end, Wu Guoyong found the answer through the network. He searched the local people from the Internet and shared the photo of the "cemetery" taken by the bicycle porter. "The city name, the specific location, and the search for the general meeting will leave traces." Wu Guoyong said that through the only clues, the verification can be It is roughly inferred that the shared bicycle "cemetery" is located, and the whole process of searching is like playing a puzzle.

The migration of the "cemetery" will also bring trouble to Wu Guoyong. He encountered the embarrassment of migration in Changsha. The three "cemeteries" he searched online from the Internet were all "disappeared" after his arrival, and the chartered driver took him for two days. Of course, if you are lucky enough, Wu Guoyong will be able to run three cities a day, and both will gain something.

Location: Chengdu Longquanyi - Dapingpu 

Location: West Lake, Hangzhou, Dam

Resolving the shooting and obstructing
Even if the "cemetery" was found, it was the situation that Wu Guoyong often encountered when he was obstructed. In the face of obstruction, Wu Guoyong also summed up a set of wisdom.
In a place in Wuchang District, Wuhan, Wu Guoyong stared at his drone and looked forward to the shared bicycle cemetery that will soon appear in the picture. But he didn't realize that there were crowds around him, and one of the men rushed out and shook his hands in front of the drone's remote control, trying to cover the lens. Wu Guoyong replied calmly and calmly. "Photographers are gonna pat, pat the things, and go after the filming."

It is Wu Guoyong's normal state to pretend to be a casual photographer, but this trick is not always useful. In a shooting in Xiamen, the take-off drone caught the attention of the care and sharing bicycle staff. "A bunch of people surrounded me and reported the police." Wu Guoyong recalled that after the police came, he said that he had no right to detain and urged him to delete the photos without consent. Helpless, Wu Guoyong can only do it, but later on the hard drive to restore data.

But it is not so lucky every time, Wu Guoyong once "sneaked into" a brand shared bicycle warehouse in Hangzhou. In the indoor maintenance room, Wu Guoyong was stopped by the staff. He lied that he was a company employee, but he could not get the workmanship to reveal the stuffing. "The last photo was completely deleted and could not be recovered." Wu Guoyong said.

Location: Tianjin Wuqing - Wang Qingyu

In the 20 cities that “have some gains”, Wu Guoyong has some scenes in it. He went to Tongzhou four times to shoot. "A 300-meter-long bridge bottom space is the ideal place to share bicycles. Some people look after it, and there are enclosures. The bicycles inside are thick dust." Wu Guoyong can't forget The reason is that because the bridge is covered by this giant bicycle parking lot, the buzzing of the shared bicycle electronic lock is more obvious here. "It is like they are crying."
In Shanghai Hongkou, the open space that was vacated in the old Shikumen demolition area became a temporary shelter for shared bicycles. Known as the most expensive shared bicycle cemetery in history, the surrounding price has exceeded 70,000 yuan per square meter. Xiamen's "most shocking shared bicycle cemetery" is not overwhelming, but wins its height of about 10 meters. In Hangzhou, tens of thousands of shared bicycles are piled up in front of an abandoned and innovative industrial park building.

Wu Guoyong has repeatedly visited some cities. In his eyes, the change of shooting a shared bicycle cemetery is more meaningful than capturing a moment. “Previously, the shared bicycle cemeteries in various places were mostly their temporary residences. The relevant departments and enterprises will follow up the vehicles one after another. At present, several large cemeteries including Guangzhou, Xiamen and Hangzhou have been cleaned up. The cemetery is also a lot smaller." Wu Guoyong said that this is a spectacle today, and the colorful shared bicycles are piled up as garbage, with a strong visual impact.

The town witnessed the change of bicycle life track
When it comes to sharing bicycles, it is impossible to mention Wang Qingyu, the first town in China's bicycle industry. It has also become one of Wu Guoyong's deliberate choices.
In April this year, Wu Guoyong ran to Tianjin Wang Qingyu. At the moment, sharing bicycles has become a topic of avoidance among the local population. "No one wants to talk to me about this. I will be very vigilant when I mention the other person." Wu Guoyong said.
The proprietress of a small restaurant in the local area told Wu Guoyong that a diners had queued up for dinner in her shop a year ago. The room in a small guest house in the village was in short supply, but now the village is no longer there.

Wu Guoyong found a manufacturer who was responsible for dismantling the shared bicycle parts. "They assembled an assembly line in the field, which was particularly simple. There were 70,000 vehicles shared by various brands." It is conceivable that the request for the film was rejected again. . "My drone just flew up and someone came over." Until later, after visiting again, Wu Guoyong took some precious pictures by consulting with the factory manager.

In June this year, some media found this factory through Wu Guoyong. At this time, the workers who dismantled the bicycles were not seen in the fields, and the shared bicycles were covered with weeds.
Wu Guoyong said that Wang Qingyi was the place where shared bicycles were born, and they returned here in just one or two years. Unlike the glamour that was first introduced, it is now facing the dilemma of being dismembered and taking debts. Their lives have gone through a circle, which is embarrassing.

Nowhere is the car more heart-warming
From the scattered shooting in January this year, to the search for nearly 30 cities across the country in March, Wu Guoyong photographed 45 shared bicycle cemeteries from 20 cities and took more than 10,000 photos. Currently, he is thinking about picking up 200 photos to form a book.
Wu Guoyong told the reporters of Beiqing Daily that the process of preparing the book, not only to filter photos, but also to collect background information, network feedback and expert opinions, helped him better sort out the inner logic of the development of shared bicycles. "This is evidence of economic development in the era, and the lessons are too profound." Wu Guoyong said.
Wu Guoyong finally named this group of photography as "nowhere to put." He said that it is not only the abandoned shared bicycles that are nowhere to be placed, but also the hearts of the people. “People are being pushed forward by the trend, and they rarely calmly think about the necessity and correctness of the behavior. People’s impetuousness makes it difficult to do a good job. This is the result of the influx of capital into the shared bicycle market. The ebb tide is a truth."
Wu Guoyong said that nowadays riding a shared bicycle has a subtle change in emotion. "I will think of the buzzing of their 'compatriots' in the cemetery 'cry', thinking of cycling back to Wang Qingyi being disassembled into parts, they There are stories.” After experiencing prosperity and decline, Wu Guoyong felt that every shared bicycle that was riding in the city was so lucky that it was inevitable that people would be hurt.

For photography, Wu Guoyong insists that as long as there is a shared bicycle cemetery, he will continue to shoot. "The capital tide of sharing bicycles is fading away. Regardless of the outcome, this is an imprint of an era and cannot be forgotten." Wu Guoyong said.

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