How to Apply for a Family Visa in China?




For expats who are working or studying in China for a certain period, family reunionis the deepest and most desperate desires of your hearts. 

So here's the complete application method to apply for family dependent visas! Let's see.
Visa Types 
According to the trip purpose, family visas are classified as Q Visas and S Visas by the nature of expats' residence in China: Chinese citizen(Q), permanent resident(Q) or temporary resident for just working, studying or having some other personal affairs(S) . 

More specifically, Q visas and S visas are classified as Q1, Q2, S1 and S2 by the condition whether his/her family member is staying within the territory of China for more than 180 days or not. Staying period longer than 180 days are classified as Q1 and S1. Otherwise, the ones are classified as Q2 and S2.  
About other types of Chinese visas, you can refer to the link below:
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Supporting Documents 
 1  Passport original effective for more than 6 months(since the application date) and have at least 2 empty pages.

 2  A copy of the information page of the passport.
 3  Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China

You could fill up the form online and get it printed or download to fill up by handwriting.
 4  Recent photo (light background)

 5  Invitation Letter which include the information of invitee as below:
■ Personal Information:Name, Gender, Date of Born, etc; 
■ Information of visiting China: Purpose of visiting China, Departure date, Stay period and relationship with inviter. 
■ Inviter Information: Name, Contact Number, Address, Signature, etc. 
 6  Identification certificates of inviter
(See which apply below based on the inviter's resident situation):
■ Copies of Chinese ID card,for inviter who is Chinese citizen(Q); 
■ Passport of inviter and his/her permanent resident card copies, for inviter who is permanent residence in China(Q);
■ Passport of inviter and his/her resident permit copies,for inviter who is temporary residence in China for working,studying or other personal affairs(S). 
 7  Originals and copies of the relationship certificate between the inviter and invitee(the documents need to be notarized).
It does not apply to the visas which staying period is not over 180 days. 
Procedure of Application 
Step 1
After preparing all the required documents as mentioned above. You should make an appointment online before going to the Centre, otherwise you would suffer from peak hours' waiting. 
Step 2
Submit the application in person or authorize the third party to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre. We suggest that you should apply one month in advance and no earlier than 3 months.
Step 3
Get the waiting number from the machine of the center and wait for the window calling. 
Step 4
After the application submitted and received by the window, the application confirmation receipt would be given. Please save the receipt for processing checking. And the anticipated time to pick up your passport is also on the confirmation receipt.
Step 5
Bring the application confirmation receipt with you when picking up your passport. Service and visa fees would be charged when you get to the window for your passport. 
Special Reminders
■ If you are not applying from your home country, you should offer theeffective certificates that prove your legal situation locally, such as local work permit, study permit, or any other legal resident certificates. 
■ Invitation letter could be fax, copy or printing. But original may be required depending on Chinese Embassy officer. 
■ If necessary, Chinese Embassy officer have the rights to ask the applicant for other supporting documents or even interviews
■ According to the specification of the applicant, Chinese Embassy officer would have the final decision right on whether to issue the visa,effective date of the visa, number of entries and staying period.

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