Demographic data of various dynasties in Chinese history

What is the population of the various dynasties in Chinese history? There are also some records in ancient history books, but these records are hard to say are true data. Because the official statistics are limited to the number of people actually controlled by the government, And the official control of the population often depends on the effectiveness of the government rule. during the period of weak government control, a large number of people are controlled by the local tyrants and are not within the official statistics.

What is the actual demographic data of each dynasty, is it possible to obtain a more reliable number? Historical geographers, especially historical demographers, have intensively speculated a population data that is closer to the historical truth. Of course, their achievements cannot be said to Be completely consistent with historical facts, but the data based on scientific research should be said to be more credible. 

Below, we take a look at the historical population data given by scholars according to "Chinese Historical Geography" edited by Professor Lan Yong (2002 Edition of Higher Education Publishing):
First, the Warring States, Qin Dynasty: about 20 million

Second, the late Western Han Dynasty: about 60 million

Third, the Western Jin Dynasty: about 35 million

Fourth, the Northern and Southern Dynasties: a total of about 50 million North and South

5. Sui Dynasty: Up to about 56 million - 58 million

Sixth, the Tang Dynasty: the population peaked about 80 million in the first year of the Kaiyuan - 90 million

Seven, five generations and ten countries: a total of about 30 million
Northern Song Dynasty: Song Huizong in the early period, Song 126 million, Liao 9 million, Xixia 3 million, a total of about 138 million people

9. Southern Song Dynasty: At the beginning of the 13th century, the Southern Song Dynasty was 80.6 million, the gold was 56 million, and the Xixia was 3 million, totaling about 140 million people.

10, Yuan Dynasty: about 85 million

11. Ming Dynasty: Wanli years (1573-1620), about 200 million people

12. Qing Dynasty: Daoguang 30 years (1850), 430 million people

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