Moving Picture of Chinese Construction Workers

Afraid to dirty the bus seat, two white-grey painters sat on the ground and squeezed on the steps of the bus aisle. The driver was very moved and deliberately slowed down for their safety.
A moved passenger silently took pictures of their backs.
Recently, the circle of friends of Wenzhou Yueqing citizens was screened by this "most beautiful back".
Afraid to dirty the seats on the bus
Two renovation workers sitting on the steps inside the car
At 5:30 on the evening of November 15th, the evening peak, the traffic was very congested, and two workers covered in white ash had a 10-way bus at the entrance of the Yueqing Library.
Compared to other passengers' decisions, the two asked the driver a lot of questions when they got on the bus, such as how to pay with a mobile phone without change, and how long it takes to get to the destination. I can see that they are very unfamiliar with Yueqing. After the payment was completed, the two turned around and looked at the clean carriage, while praising and walking straight into the middle of the car, naturally sitting on the floor inside the car.
At that time, there were not many passengers in the car. There were a few people sitting in the sparsely. After seeing the driver, Master Li invited them to sit in the seat many times, but the two passengers said that their clothes were dirty and they would rather squeeze in the aisle. Smudge the seat.
Sitting in the back row, Mr. Hu saw this touching scene, took out his mobile phone and silently photographed the "most beautiful back", and forwarded the circle of friends, attracting many people to praise the workers and warm-hearted drivers.
Passenger Hu: In addition to the "most beautiful back"
There is also mutual respect between drivers and passengers.
On the afternoon of November 19th, the reporter of Qianjiang Evening News contacted Mr. Hu who took the "most beautiful back". He said that in addition to the "most beautiful back", there is a warm interaction between the driver and the two passengers, mutual consideration for each other, and mutual respect for each other.
Mr. Hu recalled that he and the two workers were on the same station. The two asked the driver Li Master a lot of questions and it took a long time, but Master Li explained it patiently. After parking at the traffic light intersection, the driver master took the mobile phone to help them operate the mobile phone payment.
“At first, I noticed the driver. On the one hand, I want to ensure the safety of the vehicle. On the other hand, I have to answer the questions to help pay. The temper is very good and there is no impatience.”
"The chair is so clean and dirty." The two workers paid for the turn and walked into the carriage. They talked to each other while walking, and then naturally sat on the steps of the corridor.
"There are only three or four passengers in the car, but they choose to sit on the steps, and the aisles are not spacious. They are crowded side by side." Mr. Hu himself sat behind the two and later moved quietly to the last row. Deliberately use the mobile phone to record this touching scene.
Mr. Hu said that the driver also invited the two workers to sit in the seat many times, but he was repeatedly rejected. Listening to the driver and passengers, you talked in a word, and their interaction was sincere and warm.
In-vehicle monitoring records the warmth interaction
The driver quietly slowed down the speed for them.
On the afternoon of November 19, the reporter contacted the driver Li Lijin, the 41-year-old who drove the bus for more than a year.
"Let them sit on the floor, I am very uncomfortable in my heart." Master Li said that the clothes worn by the two workers were faded and there was a lot of ash on it. It should have just been renovated.
After several invitations were rejected, Master Li also respected their wishes, but sitting in the aisle was not safe. In order to sit quietly, Master Li deliberately slowed down the speed.
"The two people got off the bus before they got to the destination. They saw the food stall on the side of the road and said that they didn't eat and got off the bus." Master Li said that two passengers should be less likely to take the bus and are not familiar with it. The route, before getting off the bus, Master Li also specifically confessed to them, must be at the bus stop and other buses.
"People just want to respect each other. Although they are dirty, the quality is very high. This is the most touching one of the buses that I have been driving for more than a year." Today, Master Li mentioned that the two passengers are still full of appreciation.
The two workers got into the crowd after getting off the bus. I don't know where they are going, and they don't know who they are, but their actions have poked the softest part of our heart and will remain in our hearts.

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