All Chinese Dynasties Listed in Order

The order of the Chinese dynasty is as follows: Xia, Shang, Zhou [Western Zhou, Eastern Zhou (Spring and Autumn, Warring States)], Qin, Western Han Dynasty, New Dynasties, Xuanhan, Eastern Han, Three Kingdoms (Wei, Yi, Wu), Jin (Western Jin, Eastern Jin), Southern and Northern Dynasties [Southern Dynasty (Song, Qi, Liang, Chen), Northern Dynasties (Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Qi, Northern Zhou)], Yi, Tang, and Five Dynasties (Huangliang, Houtang, Houjin, Houhan, Houzhou), Shiguo [Former , Houyi, Wu, Nantang, Wuyue, Yi, Chu, Nanhan, Nanping (Jingnan), Beihan], Song (North Song, Southern Song), Liao, Xixia, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic of China, People's Republic of China Some of the dynasties are in the same dynasty, such as the Five Dynasties and Ten States, the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties.
Simple version
Xia BC 2070----1600 years, a total of 470 years, Qi Qi (Xia Qi)
1600----1046 BC, a total of 554 years of soup into a soup (business soup)
1046----256 years ago, 790 years ago
Western Zhou Dynasty 1046----771 years, a total of 275 years Ji Fa (Zhou Wuwang)
East Zhou BC 770----256 years, a total of 515 years Ji Yizhen (Zhou Pingwang)
Spring and Autumn BC 770----475 years total 295 years
Warring States 475----221 years, a total of 254 years

Historical Year Representative (6)
Qin 221----206 years of total 15 years of government (Qin Shihuang)
Xichu BC 206----202 years of a total of 4 years Xiang Yu (West Chu King)
Nanyue 203----111 years, a total of 93 years, Zhao Wei (Nan Yue Wang)
Han Dynasty BC 206----220 AD in 426 years
Western Han Dynasty BC 206----AD 8 years, a total of 214 years Liu Bang (Han Gaozu)
New AD 9----23 years, 13 years, Wang Hao
In the beginning of AD 23----25 years, a total of 2 years Liu Xuan (more first Emperor)
Eastern Han Dynasty 25----220 years, a total of 196 years Liu Xiu (Guangwu Emperor)
Three Kingdoms 220----280 years, 60 years
Wei Gongyuan 220----265 years, a total of 46 years Cao Yu (Wei Wendi)
221221 221----263 years, a total of 43 years Liu Bei (Han Zhao Lie Emperor)
Wu Gongyuan 222----280 years, a total of 59 years, Sun Quan (Wu Dadi)
Jin Gongyuan 265----420 years total 156 years
West Jin Dynasty 265----317 years, a total of 53 years Sima Yan (Jin Wudi)
East Jin Dynasty AD 317----420 years total 104 years Sima Rui (Jin Yuandi)
Sixteen countries, 304----439 years, 136 years
Han. Former Zhao AD 304----329 years for 25 years
Han Yuan 304----319 years, a total of 15 years Liu Yuan
Former Zhao 319----329 years, a total of 10 years Liu Wei
Cheng. Han AD 304----347 years, a total of 43 years
Into AD 304----338 years, a total of 34 years, Li Xiong
Han Gongyuan 338----347 years, a total of 9 years Li Shou
Qianliang AD 314----376 years total 62 years
After Zhao 319----350 years, a total of 31 years of Shile
Former Yan 343----370 years, a total of 33 years, Murong
Former Qin 351----394 years, a total of 43 years of Fu Hong
After the Qin Dynasty AD 384---- 417 years, a total of 33 years Yao Yao
After Yan 384---- 409 years, a total of 25 years Murong
Xiqin AD 385----431 years, a total of 46 years, 乞伏国仁
After the cool AD ​​386----403 years a total of 17 years Lu Guang
Nanliang AD 397----414 years, a total of 17 years of baldness
Beiliang AD 397----439 years, a total of 42 years, Ju Dang Mengxun
Nanyan AD 398----410 years, a total of 12 years, Murongde
Xiliang AD 400----420 years, a total of 20 years, Li Wei
Xia AD 407----43 years, a total of 24 years, Helianbo
Beiyan AD 409----436 years, a total of 27 years Feng Wei
Acting 315----376 years, a total of 61 years Tuolu
冉Weiyuan 350----352 years for 2 years冉闵
Xiyan AD 384----403 years, 19 years of Murong
Qiuchi AD 196----552 years of 356 years Yang Teng
翟Weiyuan 388----392 years, a total of 4 years, Liao
Xiqiao 405----413 years, a total of 8 years of escapement
Southern and Northern Dynasties 420----589 years, a total of 170 years
Southern Dynasty 420----589 years, 170 years
Song Gongyuan 420----479 years, a total of 60 years Liu Yu (Song Wudi)
Qi Gongyuan 479---- 502 years, a total of 24 years Xiao Daocheng (Qigao Emperor)
粱AD 502----557 years, a total of 56 years Xiao Yan (Liang Wudi)
Chen Gongyuan 557----589 years, a total of 33 years Chen Baxian (Chen Wudi)
Houliang 555---- 587 years, a total of 33 years Xiao Yu
Northern Dynasty 386----581 years, 196 years
Northern Wei Dynasty, 386----534 years, a total of 149 years of extension (Northern Weidao Wudi)
Eastern Wei Dynasty 534----550 years, a total of 17 years of good fortune (Xiao Jingdi)
West Wei Dynasty 535----556 years, a total of 22 years Yuan Baoju (Wendi)
Northern Qi 550----577 years, a total of 28 years Gao Yang (Wen Xuandi)
U.S. 557----581 years of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Yu Wenjue (filial piety Emperor)
581AD 581----618 years, 37 years, Yang Jian (Yu Wendi)
Tang Yuanyuan 618----907 years of 290 years Li Yuan (Tang Gaozu)
Wu Zhou, 684----705 years, a total of 21 years of Wushu (Wuhou)
Bohai 689----AD 926, 237 years, Da Rong (Bohai Wang)
Nanxun AD 738---- 902 years, a total of 165 years, Pi Luoge (Nanwang Wang)
Five generations AD 907----960 years total 54 years
Houliang 907----923 years, a total of 17 years Zhu Wen (post Liang Taizu)
After the Tang Dynasty, 923----936 years, a total of 14 years, Li Cunxin (post-Tang Zhuangzong)
After the Jin Dynasty 936----946 years, a total of 11 years Shi Jinglian (post-Jin Gaozu)
After the Han Dynasty 947----950 years, a total of 4 years Liu Zhiyuan (post-Hanzu)
After the week of 951----960 years, a total of 10 years of Guo Wei (after Zhou Taizu)
Eight years, 892----979 years, a total of 87 years
Wu Gongyuan 892----937 years, a total of 45 years Yang Xingmi
Nantang AD 937----975 years of 38 years Li Sheng
Wu Yue AD 893---- 978, a total of 85 years of money
Chu Gongyuan 896----55 years, a total of 55 years of Ma Yin
909 909----945 years, a total of 36 years of kings
Nanhan (Vietnam) 917----971 years, a total of 54 years Liu Wei
Former 蜀AD 903----925 years, a total of 23 years Wang Jian
After the 蜀AD 933----965 years, a total of 22 years Meng Zhixiang
Jingnan (Nanping) 924----963 years, a total of 39 years of high season
Northern Han Dynasty 951----979 years, a total of 28 years Liu Chong
Song Dynasty 960----1279 a total of 320 years
In the Northern Song Dynasty, 960----1127, a total of 168 years, Zhao Wei (Song Taizu)
In the Southern Song Dynasty, 1127----1279, a total of 152 years of Zhao (Song Gaozong)
Khitan. Liao 907----1211, a total of 305 years
Qidan AD 907---- 947 years, a total of 41 years, Yelu Abao machine (Liao Taizu)
Liaogongyuan 947----1125, a total of 178 years of Yelu (Liao Shizong)
West Liao Dynasty, 1124----1211, a total of 88 years of Yelu
Jin, 1115----1234, a total of 120 years, the end of the face, A-hing (Jin Taizu)
Xi Yuan, 1038----1227, a total of 189 years, Li Yuanzhang (West Xia Wang)
Dali, 937----1253, a total of 316 years, Si Ping (Dali Wang)
Mongolia. Yuan 1200 years from 1206 to 1636
Mongolian AD 1206----1271 A total of 66 years of children, only Jin Tiezhen (Genghisi Khan, Yuan Taizu)
In the 1271----1368 year of the Yuan Dynasty, the total number of children in the year of 1998 was only Kublai Khan (Yuan Shizu)
In 1371----1636 in the year of the AD, a total of 236 years of deaf children were only loyal to the 睦 (Yuan Shun Emperor)
Zhu Yuanzhang (Ming Taizu), 276 years old, 1368----1644
Hou Jin. Qing Dynasty 1616----1911 total 295 years
After the Golden Age 1616----1644, a total of 28 years, Ai Xinjue, Luo Nuerhachi (Qing Taizu)
Qing Dynasty, 1644----1911, a total of 267 years, Ai Xinjue Luo Fulin (Qing Shizu)
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, 1851----1864, a total of 13 years, Hong Xiuquan (Tianwang)
The Republic of China, 1911----38 years in 1949, Sun Yat-sen
People's Republic of China
Year representative
Chinese historical year represents history
Social dynasty
Starting and ending years (years)
Important event creator
Ancient Chinese history of the capital
Primitive society
Yellow Emperor
/ About 1.7 million-4,000 years ago, the prehistoric Yellow Emperor
/slave society
Xia Dynasty view the first country before 2100-1600
First slavery dynasty
Qiyang City Shangchao before the tour 1600-1100 Wuding Zhongxing, the text is close to mature soup 亳 → Yinxi Zhou / before 1100-771 national riots, Republican administration Wu Wangdong Zhou / former 770-256 /
Zhou Ping Wang Luoqi Spring and Autumn/Before 770-476 Spring and Autumn Wuba, Sui Bing Movement
Emerging landlord class
Luo Song Warring States view the former 475-221 Warring States "Seven Heroes", a hundred schools of thought /
Feudal society
The Qin Dynasty viewed the 221-206 Datong unified feudal centralized dynasty
Burning books, pits, Confucianism
Qin Shihuang Xianyang Xihan Viewing 202-AD 8 Years of Enlightenment
Zhang Shuo made the Western Region, the only Confucianism
Han Gaozu Chang'an New Dynasty / 8-23/
Wang Wei Chang An Donghan
/25-220 The disaster of the party, the yellow towel uprising, the Buddhist Guangwu Emperor Luoyang III
Wei view 220-265 nine products Zhongzheng system, Putian system Cao Cao Luoyang 221-263 Pingding South, five times Northern Expedition Liu Bei Chengdu Wu 229-280 Wei Wen for the first time to Taiwan Sun Quan Jianye West Jin / 265-316 Eight Kings, Jiu Pin Zhongzheng Sima Yan Luoyang Dongjin /317-420/
Sima Rui Jiankang Sixteen Countries/304-439/
Southern and Northern Dynasties / 420-581 Xiaowen Emperor Reform
Six towns uprising, metaphysics
Sui Dynasty / 581-618 three provinces six systems
Wagang Army Peasant Uprising
Yang Jian Daxing Tang Dynasty View 618-907 Juntian System, Renting and Tuning, Zhenguanzhizhi, Wuze Tianjianzhou, Kaiyuan Shengshi, Anshizhiqian, Huangchao Uprising Tang Gaozu Chang'an Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms View 907-960 "Five Generations and Ten Countries" // Song Dynasty Northern Song Dynasty View 960-1127 Imperial Examination System, Rent System, Live Letter Printing, Compass and Gunpowder, Qingli New Deal, Wang Anshi Reform, Zhao Yu Kaifeng Southern Song/1127-1279 Gaozong Lin'an Liao Dynasty/916-1125 "The League of the Yuan", the unique text of the nation - - Qidanwen Yelu Abao machine on the West Xixia 1038-1227 "Qing Li and discussion" Li Yuanzhang Xingqing Jinchao / 1115-1234 /
A bones in the Yuan Dynasty / 1271-1368 collars divided, 怯 Xuejun, four ethnic divisions, Yuan Qu brilliant glory Kublai metropolitan Ming Dynasty / 1368-1644 cabinet university, Zheng He seven voyages, civil engineering Change, Yongle Grand Ceremony Zhu Yuanzhang Nanjing→Beijing Qing Dynasty/1644-1911 Kanggan Shengshi, renamed Tiantian
Spread into the acres, Sikuquanshu
Nurhachi Beijing China Modern History
Semi-feudal semi-colonial society
The first Opium War / 1840-1842 / / / Second Opium War / 1856-1860 / / / Taiping Heavenly Kingdom / 1851-1864 / Hong Xiuquan / Wuxu Reform / 1898 / / / eight countries invaded China / 1900 / / / Xinhai Revolution / 1911/Sun Yat-sen /

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