Foreign tourist visa invitation letter to China?

I am a student at school. My friends I met during the exchange in Germany want to travel to China. I want to help her with the travel visa. Can I send an invitation letter to her in my own name? What information and materials do I need to provide?



Basic information: 1, passport 2, visa application form 3, passport photo (48mm × 33mm) 4, visa fee
Other documents: 1. Round-trip ticket itinerary 2, accommodation certificate / invitation letter from individual or company (
For your situation, you are invited in your own name and you need to provide an invitation letter:
The content of the invitation should include: the name, gender, date of birth, and passport number of the invitee. Departure and return date. The place to be visited in China and the address of the accommodation. Invite the person (you) name, phone number, address and other information, and provide your ID card or attached copy. The invitation is preferably the original and signed.

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